My name is Nyasha and I would like to Walk With You in your Social Enterprise Journey.

Walk With Me was born to help you fight the feeling of loneliness that often comes with starting a Social Enterprise.

Do you feel isolated, misunderstood and lonely as a Social Entrepreneur?

I have been there. I have started my first social enterprise over 30 years ago. It was so hard to grow and stay motivated without a mentor or a support network. I ended up inviting a group of like-minded women at my house to talk business (and life!) and that’s how my first Mastermind Community was born.

Now I want to help you turn your passion for doing social good into a profitable and sustainable business.

We work, cry and laugh together. Business is not just numbers, especially when your deep passions are involved. It is also about emotions.


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With over 30 years of experience and a holistic vision of your life and business, I can help you and guide you towards the success of your social enterprise.

Talk openly about your struggles and challenges: I will be the sounding board to make you grow and understand your path better.

We offer three different programmes depending on the stage of your social business.

Figure out the best social enterprise support program for you:

25% of all proceeds from the Walk With Me Mentoring Programmes go to Vana Trust, a registered charity that promotes empowerment through education, thus enriching the lives of children and young adults.

Through encouragement, support and commitment to young people for over a decade, we inspire them and help them overcome their difficulties, as well as enable them to give back to their own communities.

Walk With Me book by Nyasha Gwatidzo


16 inspirational business and life tips developed as Nyasha walked the Thames Path and reflected on her own journey as a social entrepreneur.


Why is it some people have great ideas and big dreams but are so petrified by them, they procrastinate and never put them into action? Why do they not take those crucial first steps to start up their own business or whatever else it is they have always dreamed of doing?


Walk with me reveals what you need to think about in order to take those essential first steps. Let Nyasha Gwatidzo guide you through the walk along the River Thames she undertook over sixteen days, helping you question and understand your passion and life’s purpose as well as how to go about implementing your ideas through her sixteen inspiring tips. She hopes they will inspire you to take action and achieve your dreams.