Running a business can be a lonely journey and it is important to have somebody you can talk through the issues and successes and keep you on track to your ultimate goal.  This could be somebody you know and trust – a friend or parent – Nyasha often talked to her mother about her experience in business – what worked for her and what didn’t. When Nyasha started her business, the word ‘mentor’ was rarely used – she just found people she could talk to but in reality these were ‘mentors’.

The word ‘mentor’ sounds very formal and these days mentoring has become big business in its own right.  But what is a mentor exactly?  In the most basic form, a mentor is a trusted person who can be a sounding board, supporter and ‘critical friend’.  A mentor should be somebody who you can laugh and cry with as well as somebody you can trust for honest and realistic advice.

You should select somebody who has a similar mindset to yourself, the same values, similar experiences and who ‘gets’ what you are doing.  Your mentor doesn’t need to be in the same industry sector as you, but should be more experienced in business.  Your mentor could be anybody, you could use a family member – Nyasha has her mother as her mentor as she is an enterprising woman and has many experiences that Nyasha can learn from.  Your mentor could be a trusted friend or you may find it better not to mix business and pleasure and pay for mentoring services.  There are many people who offer mentoring services now – make sure you select somebody you can trust, who has similar values to you and who is actually more experienced than you.

Nyasha now has limited opportunities to mentor a small number of select people who want to take their social enterprise to the next level.  These will be a series of 1 – 1 sessions normally held over Skype.  Find out more about this exciting opportunity by booking an initial chat with Nyasha here.

Nyasha is also offering a number of 6 week group mentoring programmes to help you grow your social enterprise.

Whether you take up the opportunity of the 1 – 1 session or join a group programme, this is a limited but fantastic opportunity to learn directly from Nyasha’s experiences in setting up and growing successful social enterprises.

Both options are a paid service – but Nyasha is giving all money raised to her Vana Trust charity.  What a wonderful way for you to learn from somebody who has done it – but also give back to the community.  Don’t miss out.