Why start a social enterprise?

According to the State of Social Enterprise Report 2015 almost 49% of all social enterprises are five years old or less. 35% are three years old or less. In other words, social enterprise start-ups are growing at a rapid rate. But why?  What is so special about social...

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Every Day Should be a Learning Day

However successful your business and however long you have been in business, there should also be an opportunity to learn from others.  Perhaps more importantly, you must always be prepared to learn from others. There is always a different way of doing things,...

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Create winning relationships in business

‘People buy people’ – it is often spoken about in business, but what does it really mean?  Individual relationships with others are essential in business.  You will get more work or sales if you take the time to identify, create and maintain relationships with...

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Be Patient and Consider Others in the Business

When you start a business you are often the only person you need to think about.  As we all know, starting a business is hard work and you may work long hours to get it off the ground – but that is fine – you are following your dream and don’t mind putting in the...

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