Walk With Me: Through Sixteen Inspirational Business and Life Tips
by Nyasha Gwatidzo

Nyasha GwatidzoWhy is it some people have great ideas and big dreams but are so petrified by them, they procrastinate and never put them into action? Why do they not take those crucial first steps to start up their own business or whatever else it is they have always dreamed of doing?

Walk with me reveals what you need to think about in order to take those essential first steps. Let Nyasha Gwatidzo guide you through the walk along the River Thames she undertook over sixteen days, helping you question and understand your passion and life’s purpose as well as how to go about implementing your ideas through her sixteen inspiring tips. She hopes they will inspire you to take action and achieve your dreams.

As Luc De Clapiers said, “Action makes more fortune than caution.” These common sense tips have been used by ordinary people as well as prominent business leaders worldwide. They have also been used by the many people who have attended Nyasha’s workshops, presentations, mentoring sessions and seminars.

“I have known Nyasha for many years. I met her when I was President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs, of which she became a member.
Nyasha has other people in mind when doing what she does best – being entrepreneurial, so certainly, her experience of life and tips for business are a must read from which we can all learn.”
– Tanya Hine OBE FRSA
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