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    7:00 pmFree Webinar

    In this free Webinar, you will learn...

    • The easy way to align your purpose with your social enterprise so you can feel confident about your social enterprise.
    • The Number One secret behind communicating with your customers to increase your income.
    • My 5 steps to packaging your services/products to double your profits.

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  • Thu
    7:00 pmWebinar

    Join our free webinar with Nyasha to learn:

    • The easy way to align your purpose so you can feel confident about your social business. 
    • The secrets of how to communicate with your customers to increase your income.
    • How to package your services/ products to increase your profits.

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  • Thu
    7:00 pmWebinar

    Our next Kick Start Your Social Enterprise mentoring programme is starts on 23rd March 2017.  Read More about this programme. here.

    There are limited places so book your place now or schedule a free call with me to see whether this programme is going to work for you.

  • Mon

    Nyasha is walking in Zimbabwe to raise funds for Vana Trust.  See more details.

  • Thu
    7:00 pmOnline
    Discover the First Steps to Kick Start your Social Enterprise
    Get your social enterprise off to the best start to be profitable and successful.
    Free Webinar With Nyasha Gwatizdo, a successful social entrepreneur.
    In our free webinar, you will discover:
    • Te easy way to align your purpose so you can feel confident about your social business
    • The secrets of communicating with your customers to increase your income.
    • How to package your services / product to increase your profits

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  • Thu
    7:00 pmOnline

    Do you see an opportunity to start a social venture or social enterprise, but don’t know where to start?

    Nyasha Gwatidzo is an award winning, successful, social entrepreneur who can help you through all aspects of creating your social enterprise!

    From idea forming to establishing your brand, networking with other business owners, and establishing critical business relationships, Nyasha will be hosting a 6-week online programme to ensure you create a profitable business that follows your dream.

    Who should Attend?

    • Anybody who is focusing on solving a social issue or problem
    • Anyone with an idea and wondering if it can be turned into a social enterprise
    • Corporate employees ready to sort out a social problem
    • Anyone interested in doing social good

    When you have attended the programme you will:

    • Have a clearly defined Why?.. the purpose which is your driver.
    • Know if your 'Why?' is big enough to justify starting your social enterprise
    • Have a clear idea about who your customers are, the demand for your product/ services and how to create win-win relationships.
    • Be clear what procedures and systems you need to put in place to manage and run your business.
    • Be clear about your promotion strategy.
    • Have clear systems of how to invoice your customers, collect your money and manage your profits.
    • Be able to create a Business Plan and progress it.

    During the mentoring programme you will receive:

    • 6 x 1 hour live webinars starting on 22nd June
    • Access to the webinar recordings to reinforce your learning
    • A private Facebook Support group
    • Homework after each webinar to put what you are learning into practice
    • Unlimited support directly from Nyasha
    • Individual feedback from Nyasha on how you have completed the exercises
    • Access to Nyasha's vast worldwide network of contacts
    • A business plan template

    Start your Social Enterprise Now

    Our next group programme is due to start on 22nd June 2017. There are limited places so don't miss out on this great opportunity to get your dream business started off the right way. Buy your ticket now or schedule a free call with Nyasha to discuss how this is going to work for you. Nyasha is looking forward to 22nd June and hearing about your dreams - see you then!

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