Launch of The Dream Business Programme.

An overview of the Six P’s: Purpose, People, Procedures, Promote, Profits and Progress.

Who should attend this workshop?
Anyone having the following growing pains:
• Maybe you are distracted from your purpose
• Perhaps you are asking yourself: “How do I make my social enterprise profitable?”
• Possibly you have cash flow problems
• Maybe you lack customers
• Perhaps you lack tenders or do not know where to find the tenders
• Maybe you have no systems in place
• Perhaps you are looking for the right team
• Possibly you have no support
• Maybe you are having problems staying motivated

Outcomes from attending this course.
You will get an overview of how to:
• Live your dreams
• Realise your dreams
• Have a clear view of your purpose as it is the driver in all you do
• Have a clear formula of how to create a win-win sustainable relationship with stakeholders
• understand why you need clear structures and systems in place into enable you to grow your business
• Why you need a support system in place to support you now and in the future
• To be able to identify tenders, where to get them and how to compete for business through tenders
• Why you need to continue to develop as a business owner
• Why you need to manage your cash flow so that you can grow your business
• Have comfort from having a strategy to grow your business