As regular readers of this blog will know, Nyasha Gwatidzo, founder of the Banya fostering agency and Vana Trust, walked the Thames Path in 2014 and then wrote ‘Walk With Me’ to share her thoughts both on life and to help others in business, particularly social entrepreneurs, to develop and grow their businesses.

Nyasha has always dreamt big.  She started her first business with just £800 with a passionate wish to help children.  She is a firm believer that dreams can come true with the right passion, execution and hard work.  We really like the way Lara Morgan describes ‘DREAM’ in her book ‘More Balls than Most’:

D – Desire.  Most people start a social business to make a difference or provide a solution

R – Reason.  You will need to have passion and determination to succeed

E – Enthusiasm.  Loads of this is required to keep plugging on when things get difficult.  However, it is also important to know when to walk away if the business isn’t going to work.

A – Action.  It is absolutely critical to take action to make your dreams a reality. Unfortunately just dreaming won’t build a successful business!

M – Manifestation.  This is the behavioural aspect of success.  How will you change or feel when your business is successful? Nyasha takes pride from knowing she has helped so many children since starting the Banya fostering agency.

The importance of ‘A – Action’ cannot be understated. There is no point dreaming without putting plans and actions into place to achieve your dream.  We talked about setting goals for your business in an earlier blog post, but the next step is having a clear action plan – your road map for bringing your dreams into reality.  Initially your road map will consist of a set of high level ‘things to do’ to get through your first year.  However it will not be long before you will need to break your road map or action plan into manageable chunks so you can track your progress and get a sense of satisfaction and achievement as each part is completed.

Nyasha had a dream to walk the length of the River Thames.  She broke the dream down into manageable chunks of days and hours.  On occasion, when her feet started to hurt, she broke the dream down into one step at a time!

We recommend you write down your plan, including completion dates, share it with your team and make sure you are both accountable to the dates.  Ensure you set yourself and your team realistic timeframes to achieve action points – you don’t want to consistently miss deadlines – this negativity and sense of failure will start to impact on your positivity over time.

How have you seen your dream come to reality?  Do share any tips in the comments below.  Remember, if you want help developing your plan, Nyasha offers a number of mentoring programmes.