When you start a business you are often the only person you need to think about.  As we all know, starting a business is hard work and you may work long hours to get it off the ground – but that is fine – you are following your dream and don’t mind putting in the effort to get the results.  However, as you grow, you will inevitably have to involve more people to help you provide the products and services.   You just won’t be able to do it all yourself.


It’s really important to remember that these people, whether they be staff or freelancers, may not share your total passion for the business – they may enjoy working with you, but at the end of the day it will be a job for them.  They also may not have the same standards as you and will need to be nurtured, praised and appreciated for the additional skills they bring.  They have joined the business to supplement your skills not to be a clone of you.


Nyasha experienced this when walking the Thames in 2014 for Vana Trust.  She was pleased to be joined on her walk by a number of supporters but occasionally found it difficult if they walked at a slower pace than her.  She had to learn to appreciate the time that she spent with her friends and slow down to their pace to reach the day’s goal.  The goal was still reached each day just at a more leisurely pace that everybody could be on board with and in a much more relaxing and enjoyable environment than it would have been if Nyasha had been constantly trying to speed everybody up.  Instead, she remembered it wasn’t a race but part of a greater mission – this is what allowed her to be able to motivate and inspire others to keep going.


As a business leader, you will need to have the patience and create the time to ensure that anybody who joins your business understands your purpose and beliefs and the values that are important to you, including the impact of your actions in the greater community.  If you remain patient and invest in coaching and teaching others  your vision and your standards, you will ultimately see a tremendous benefit as they embrace and run with your ideas.  Once they share your passion, it will become less of a job for them and more of a shared dream.  Be patient and keep your mission in mind to allow you to motivate and inspire your team.


What techniques do you use to slow yourself down to inspire and motivate others to work towards your common goal?  What success have you seen? Do share in the comments below.