Through her programmes, Nyasha will teach you how to grow a social enterprise.

“Grow Your Social Enterprise”

90-Day Programme


The “Grow a Social Enterprise” programme is ideal for social entrepreneurs who have started a social enterprise but are now ready to take it to the next level.


Schedule a Free Strategic Call to apply for the Grow your Enterprise Programme starting in September 2018.

  • 90 day online mentoring programme
  • 6 online seminars
  • 2 One-to-one mentoring calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Free attendance at any webinar hosted by Nyasha



Read the testimonials of people who have taken the course at the end of this page!

During the programme, we cover 7 key areas:


1. Purpose:

Are you struggling to really keep what your purpose is? I believe ‘purpose’ is a core element in all you do.

Purpose is the driver, it’s what gets you up in the morning.


Purpose is the fuel, it’s the foundation without which you can’t get very far. If you were a car without fuel, you wouldn’t get very far


Purpose is the energy that keeps you motivated and focused on what you need to do to solve a social problem

If you are a social entrepreneur wanting to align your purpose with a profitable social enterprise, please book a free strategy call with me to find out whether the Grow Your Social Enterprise Programme is right for you.

2. People:

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships Why win-win relationships are crucial in social enterprise You can’t run a business without people and the relationships you have with people in your social enterprise I believe years ago that all business advice was that your location was crucial, it was location, location, location. Over the years I have started there is now a new paradigm/change which is now all about creating win-win relationships in your social enterprise The core reason for a social enterprise is to address a social issue of people so it is crucial in all we do

5 Reasons why I go on about Relationships:


  1. Focussing on relationships enables you to learn / evolve from relationships
  2. In creating time and energy in building strong relationships with people in your business that magic will happen in return. People will give you more in return including offering you more business
  3. By delivering your services / products with true purpose
  4. To build a win-win relationship you need to listen so you can hear the issues
  5. Make it personal, people buy from other people with empathy for them

If you want to know more how best you too can create win-win relationships, book a free strategy call with me to find out whether the Grow Your Social Enterprise Programme is right for you.

3. Support

Do you have an inner circle support system within your social enterprise? My social entrepreneurial journey was lonely as I didn’t have a role model or mentor over 30 years ago.  I was also a social entrepreneur before it was fashionable I believe to run a sustainable and profitable social enterprise you need support. You need people to buy into your purpose and vision so that they can support you You need support from all stakeholders including the community you are working in. You might ask how can customers support me in my social enterprise?

There are various ways in which customers support you besides purchasing your services / products. In my experience, my customers have supported me in many ways varying from suggesting ?? to providing other services to meet their needs/demands. They have also helped me improve the quality of my services through feedback.

You might ask what the benefits are of such support including that from mentors like me  These benefits include:

  • More profits
  • Choosing a sounding board to reflect on your purpose
  • Networking opportunity – getting support from your peers
  • You learn from others


Book a free strategy call with me to learn how to make the best of your support networks and to find out whether the Grow Your Social Enterprise Programme is right for you.

4. Procedures

You need effective systems / procedures to run, grow and scale up your social enterprise

  • Enables you to scale up without losing quality of your services
  • Enables you to teach it to the team so that they can repeat using template procedures
  • Frees you up to focus on strategic issues
  • Stops you being so hands-on with your social enterprise
  • Allows for 80:20 rule
  • Clear legal structure

If you want to learn more, book a free strategy call with me.

5. Promotion

Why do people open shop and not promote it?   In all you do, you need to promote your purpose, vision and values   Engage in a meaningful relationship with people as a way to promote your social enterprise   Express your Wow Factor, what is special about your services?   Over deliver in your promotion.   If you want to learn more, book a free strategy call with me.

6. Profits

Don’t forget to get paid for all you do!   What do you do with those hard earned profits in your social enterprise?   You need profits to:

  • Grow your social enterprise and invest it back
  • Scale up your social enterprise
  • To sustain your social enterprise
  • To help more people

7. Progress

You are never too old to learn!   You need to continuously learn because:

  • It enables you to grow so you can grow yourself
  • Grow your business
  • How to grow without diluting the purpose
  • By growing you automatically get introduced to new people with new energy
  • Keep transforming people’s lives, in particular, the customers
  • Learn from stakeholders
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Learn formally and informally
  • Learn from life experience itself

Schedule a Free Strategy Call to discuss whether the Social Enterprise Growth Programme starting in September 2018 is right for you.

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See, Feel, Act when you grow a social enterprise.





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Nyasha has been mentoring me for the last ninety days. I am a counsellor and therapist, with my own business. I am always looking for ways to expand my business into new areas. The things I was focusing on where:

• Producing a meditation CD

• Putting a meditation on Youtube

• Having a new price structure.

Nyasha helped me with ideas first and foremost. Then she suggested how I go about things to get great results. She encouraged me to go ahead with my new ventures and gave me a structure to work with. This gave me the opportunity to be more proactive with my ideas and actually get my ideas off the drawing board and into reality. I can’t thank her enough for her quiet reassurance, solid ideas and motivation. She is just the right combination of encouragement and drive. She has helped me enormously.

Jane Crockatt, Harding Wellbeing

I feel so fortunate to have known Nyasha as she mentored from the startup of my social enterprise. She has challenged me and inspired me to dream big and to live my life with no limits, through her Kick Start Programme. She has the ability to ask the most critical and important questions, that helped me gain clarity and find solutions to my business goals. As a mentor she has demonstrated that we should never put limits on ourselves of find excuses not to do the things that are important to us.


Yvonne Marimo