Critical “make or break” question for ambitious change makers and action-focused female visionaries who’ve already climbed the corporate career ladder or started a family and want to become their own boss in 2018:

If there was a fulfilling way to make a living doing

what you love
AND helping your community,





WITHOUT analysis paralysis, empathy overwhelm, fear of the unknown or having to rely on donations… 


Would you finally feel confident enough to become

your own boss?




Here’s why the world is counting on you to no longer ignore your calling and say yes.




Every day, the communities in your local area and around the globe are neglected, exploited or just plainly ignored by big business. Their suffering is real. 


What’s the company you work for doing to help them?


Chances are, your employer’s got some sort of Corporate Social Responsibility programme going on. After all, it’s become quite trendy to give a cheque to charity once a year. But does it make a significant difference? Can you look into the eyes of those you care most about and see how your company is doing well by them?

Meanwhile, you’re spending your precious time on earth commuting, checking off tasks you don’t particularly care about and trawling through the murky seas of your inbox. Which leaves you virtually no time to address the causes you care about. Which means your ability to make a difference is limited to avoiding peanut butter that contains palm oil, or buying a pair of TOMS shoes every now and then. Or, give a cheque to charity once a year.


that you’re not leaving the kind of legacy that will make you a proud old lady when the time comes


your current job feels lifeless and forced and doesn‘t give you

the opportunity

to make things right for someone, somewhere

every second of every hour you spend working

then keep reading 


because what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks from now when you come face to face with the smiling communities whose lives have already been changed, through the attention and care of your new social enterprise. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar:


You started your way into ‘life as a grown-up’ with student debt higher than a Manhattan skyscraper and a glowing sense of idealism.


You feel spiritual sisterhood with Charlotte Brontë, Oprah and Princess Leia. Your soul thrives on “Avengers” and “A Course in Miracles”. And you cried a little when Wonder Woman saved the world… with love.


But lately, it’s been taking a little less time for your serenity to fade every day. You feel it leaving your body as you put on your mascara on the bus, navigate your way through swarms of suited office-bots in ugly trainers or lift your everything-but-the-kitchen-sink work bag onto your tired shoulders.


You’ve already upped your meditation time to an hour.


Invested in a beautiful notebook and pen to enhance your morning journalling and goal-setting sessions.


Taken over the morning doggie walks from the kids — more time to recharge your batteries in quiet fellowship with your animal companion.


And started listening to JOY FM on your way to work.


You were prepared to keep calm and carry on like this.


Resigned to keep working your a** off for that employer who’s focused more on their bottom line than on doing the work well and benefitting society. Instead of just throwing in the towel in a tantrum, leaving it all behind and travelling around the world in a rusty 1970s camper van. Because you also want to put your personal money where your mouth is and support not just your family, but also companies that do the right thing.


And, by the way… you’re not motivated by the corner office with a view of 5th Avenue or a $25,000 Gucci dress you’d be too nervous to ruin with your first Svarowski-encrusted glass of ice-cold rose.




You’d be over the moon with the luxury to enjoy an extended morning routine complete with yoga, a freshly pressed organic juice, and the latest Nessi Gomes album repeating on Spotify — all while looking forward to another exhilarating day at work, knowing each penny you make serves people and the planet.


But things haven’t quite worked out that way since you joined the work force as a fresh-faced new recruit.


Your big adventure changing lives has turned out to be the common rat race.


Your great ideals sit unused, with every paycheck and performance review a nasty reminder of how little freedom you ACTUALLY gained since being a rebellious teenager.


And as 2018 is more than half over and “start my own business” still stares at you from your bucket list, even YOU, the trust-the-universe-optimist, are starting to doubt it will ever actually happen.



That you’ll get to make a real difference saving orangutans from utter extinction, or giving hope to kids in East Cleveland, Ohio that our oh-so-free capitalist system ignores. That blind farmers in India will be able to sustain themselves because of YOUR work, or you’ll guide women in Tanzania as they finally break through the man-made traps ensnaring their full potential.



And that you could actually be the calm, powerful and game-changing owner of a successful social enterprise — instead of being so world-weary and tired from your so-called ‘9–5, flexible hours’ that come dinner time, you wait 45 minutes for your chicken in the oven… only to realise when you go to get it out that you’d forgotten to put it in.


With all that intense passion, empathy and experience, isn’t it time you finally gained the freedom to steer your own ship?






With the amount of dedicated action-taking, humility, and desire to see others thrive that you’ve invested into someone else’s company, you DESERVE to be the mistress of your own fate and stand at the helm of your own successful enterprise.


You deserve to end your weekend looking forward to another week of being and doing your best, making the world a better place — instead of snarling at your kids because you’re suffering from Sunday night dread.


You deserve to clink glasses with your sweetheart as you pour organic sparkling wine to celebrate your first sale… instead of being too scared to live your dream because of the horror stories told by people who make a living spreading fear and perfection paralysis — and putting all your energy into a business that’s not aligned with your ethos.




You deserve to actually feel like the empowered owner and leader of a business that gives back, instead of a disenchanted slave to the wage — carrying out orders, getting promoted to your place of greatest unhappiness and counting the minutes till lunch al-desko catching up on The Apprentice (because Sir Alan Sugar is the only businessman that you feel any kind of warmth for).


In a moment, I’m going to show you how to FINALLY embark on that journey.

Before I do, though, we must first debunk the


4 myths keeping you stuck in the dream of “one day” being boss


(and how you can wake up to that day happening this year)




Myth #1: "It has to be perfect"

aka “I need to have sophisticated systems / 50k in savings / an MBA / [insert shiny object] before I can even think of doing anything useful.”


Perfection doesn’t exist.

Yes, I know the statistics about how 90% of new businesses fail.

But you know what brings tears to my eyes?

80% of social enterprises never even get started.

Which means those 80% fail before they’ve even had a chance.

(Which makes that earlier statistic way too low.)

My own social enterprise certainly didn’t start with perfection or a full stack of premium software subscriptions. Not even a Facebook page! (Heck, Mark Zuckerberg probably still went to Junior High.)

I started my own journey 27 years ago with only a £800 redundancy package and an abundant passion for children.

In July 1991, I was an employee counsellor in London, working in a dingy Camden office without any light as the windows were grey with dirt from the main road. We were going to have a team meeting. As we were waiting for our manager, we could hear the humming traffic noise of Euston Road.

At that fateful meeting, we learned that the council needed to make major cuts and make lots of people redundant. Some of them would be traumatised by losing their jobs. Some of the caretakers were going to be made homeless, as their jobs included accommodation.

As counsellors, we were going to book one-to-one sessions to help them cope.

“I will take the redundancy to explore my passion for children,” I said.


My manager warned me that I’d only been there for 18 months and working part time, so my redundancy package would be tiny.

Have you ever had a time when you just knew you had to make a change?

A few weeks later I found myself with £800, a young child, a huge mortgage — and no job.

Then something unexpected happened…

…my husband left me.

I felt devastated.

But now I HAD to focus on my dream of helping children. What else could I do?

Almost 30 years later, here I am — a 7-figure, multi-award winning social entrepreneur.

So I say, go for good enough.

“Shiny object syndrome” is dangerous. Don’t turn systems, funding or academic degrees into a distraction.

Myth #2: "I have no experience running a business."

Yes, you do!

It’s just that you don’t know it yet… because you haven’t put it to the test.

If you’re a mother, you’re running the business called “family”.

If you’re successful at work, you’ve picked up more business skills than you’re aware of.

Even just keeping it together and making it through the last 10 years of the global recession has taught you to adapt, to persevere, to not give up. That mindset is one of the most important ingredients of a successful business woman.

You know that saying, “Business is business. Personal is personal”?

I say, it’s utter rubbish.

There’s not much that’s more personal than business. Your passion and life experiences are the foundation for everything.

Myth #3: "I don't have time to learn all the things I don't know."

Accounting. Closing a sale. Managing teams in different countries. Building a supply chain.

Yes, there’s a lot of stuff you’ll need to do when you build your business.

But there’s no need to know it all before you get started.

No need to spend the best years of your life in a classroom rather than working for the greater good.

Yvonne followed my advice to learn from her customers. At first, she was horrified: “I’m just a one-woman band! How could I make time for this!” But then she got her daughter to help out with some of the admin work, and she DID find the time to hear what her clients needed.

“I soon found out there was a need for live-in carers for elderly people who needed care around the clock. This meant I needed fewer team members and less administration to deal with time sheets. And it led to lots more income for my business.”

So I say, learning takes place every day, all the time.

No need to worry about making time for years of study.

At least, not yet.

Myth #4: "If I want to do good, I'd better start a charity.

Not necessarily.

Do you want to rely on donations?

Do you want to rely on government funding?

Do you want to depend on volunteers?


Do you want to meet people’s needs by selling them useful products and services?

Do you want to create a sustainable livelihood that is relatively safe from annual government budget decisions?

Do you want to build a team of people who make your soul sing, and who are 100% committed and trained to turn your vision into reality?

If you answered “no” to the first three and “yes” to the last three questions, chances are you’ll be happier with a social enterprise.

We live in tough times for the voluntary sector: that’s why charities are now starting to turn some of their operations into social enterprises too. They know they can do even more good with the more reliable stream of income generated by a social enterprise.










The good news is…




Yes, you can build a business




that makes the world a better place.






And it can be fun.







If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that starting a social enterprise can be the most powerful way to make profit that helps people and the planet.

No need to remind you of that! 🙂



But maybe you didn’t know that…



       by stepping out into that new world with a seasoned guide and a group of like-minded founders, you’ll also have the power to: Start each day knowing exactly what you need to do, step by step, to make your dream a reality. Get to 'good enough' faster and more joyfully with the constructive support of others, so you can start living your dream sooner.


























 Draw on the expertise and experience of wildly successful entrepreneurs so you don't have to repeat their mistakes — and grow your own confidence with crystal clear insights into where YOU excel. Celebrate your big and small wins with people who 'get it' and take a deep interest into the way you overcome your individual challenges — because they face very similar ones. Boldly pursue your vision because you know there's your gang of change makers who care, keep you accountable and have your back





























































































Yes, that’s how lovely it can feel to start your own social enterprise… … but it DOES depend on connecting with others. And taking action.  






actions that perfectly fit your personal situation and your dream of a social enterprise because they’re uniquely yours. (Not following some sort of template business coaching rulebook.)  






actions that have set the foundation of my own successful social enterprises, generating a cumulative $130 million turnover and over $25 million EBIT since 1992.     






actions that you’ll excitedly point back to a few weeks from now when your social enterprise makes its first sale, bringing you one step closer to the world YOU want to live in.


Who am I to tell you this?

I started my first social enterprise before it was ‘cool’, in 1987 — 31 years ago.

It was a desperately lonely time.

So I invited a group of like-minded women to my house to talk business (and life!) — and that’s how my first Mastermind Community was born.

Now I want to help others (who may live all over the world) turn their passion for doing social good into a profitable and sustainable business.

Meaning, you get to discover, intuitively, how to build a profitable business that transforms people’s lives and shapes our future.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, arriving in the UK as a teenager, I experienced two very different cultures at an early age. As a black woman, I also experience quite a bit of discrimination. This has shaped my belief that every business should be thinking about its impact beyond its local community – there should be no limit in the globalised world in which we live.

Since my childhood, I knew my purpose was helping babies and children. My very first memory from my childhood was carrying a baby on my back aged 4 years old.

So as soon as I was able, I founded the Vana Trust charity to help children in the UK but also back in Zimbabwe. Vana Trust supports an educational organic farm in Buckinghamshire and helps children to attend St. David’s School in Nyandoro, Zimbabwe. The Trust also fund children when they leave St. David’s so can access further education or training.

In addition, I founded World Impact Capital to assist women’s enterprise in the Southern Africa Development Community region.

And my pioneering fostering social enterprise Banya Family Placement Agency has placed over 4,000 children with UK foster parents since 1997.

My achievements have won widespread recognition.

I’ve been named one of the top 100 influential women in London by The Guardian, Businesswoman of the Year by Sue Ryder Foundation, and won the Lambeth Social Enterprise of the Year Award. More recently, the South African Chamber of Commerce named me Business Woman of the Year 2018, and I won the Business of the Year 2018 — Zimbabwe Achievers Awards.

When I’m not caring for children, fundraising for Vana Trust, or in deep conversation with founders at global events like Future Females or the Social Enterprise Success conference, I love to take early-morning walks or spend time with my three kids and my grandson.



I was working full time before starting the programme. And I was running my cleaning business. Then I met someone with a similar interest, and we wanted to open an after school club and an online nanny service.

We wanted to learn more about running a business and how it operates and find out how we can monetise our purpose and our passion.

On the programme, we got through a lot of the core things necessary to set up your business securely. We went over our capital costs, our marketing plan, our business plan, our cash flows — which made it much more appealing for potential schools or churches to offer us a venue to run our after school club, as it showed that we could run and make money and put this back into the community by looking after the children.

Chido Poe, Sleekasa

Pre Kick Start I had no business plan, no strategies, just pure ambition.

I had no idea what a cash flow statement was, with no cash flow projections and my numbers in the red.

Post Kick Start, there is a business plan with a detailed cash flow statement which lights up the end of the tunnel and shows me whether or not my plans are realistic. My cash flow is finally out of the red and increasing steadily.

If you believe you are chomping at the bit to grow, it would be foolhardy not to take this programme. DO IT!

Kumbi Hove, Pilates Unlimited


Kick Start Your Social Enterprise

The mentoring programme that helps you move past overwhelm and fear, and turn your empathy into the driver for action that propels your social enterprise forward.

You’ll be able break down the social or environmental issue you want to tackle into smaller steps and ‘mini-visions’ so you can take concrete steps and achieve success — which gives you the motivation, marketing platform and clear decision-making guide you’ll need in your work every day.

4 ways Kick Start will make launching your social enterprise the most joyful thing you do this year

  • 6 live webinars that take you through the different steps of starting your own social enterprise. You’ll leave each session with your individual action plan so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Lifetime membership in a small group of like minds working together to support each other in creating social change. Make new friends, learn from each other and see each other thrive in business and in life.
  • Access to my diverse network of successful business owners, specialists and coaches.
  • Unlimited email support for the 6-week duration of the programme. I’ll coach you through any difficulties and keep you accountable to make sure you can move into your full potential. You won’t be set adrift on your own — you’ll receive personalized support throughout the journey.

This is not so much a course where you’re being taught, but a personal action plan that unfolds over the course of 6 weeks — with an experienced mentor helping you define exactly what you need to do, helping you to actually do it, and holding you accountable.

The mindset shifts you’ll experience during these 6 weeks will affect all other areas of your life. You may find yourself drawn to different books and TV programmes, think differently about raising your kids, and work through personal experiences that have been holding you back for years. What’s been boxed up will unfold its beauty for your life.

We’ll build up your social enterprise over 6 modules:

Module 1 — Purpose

In week 1, we’ll work on boosting your confidence, cutting through the overwhelm and giving you focus, energy and determination.

You’ll lay the foundation for a profitable social enterprise by deciding your purpose and aligning it with the demand for your product or services. Once you’ve got such firm ground to stand on, you’ll find it much easier to find and speak to the values of your ideal customers. 

Discover the freedom to do what you love — and you’ll feel like you’ll never work again in your life!


  • Immediately connect to a small-and-mighty group of other social entrepreneurs. Just share your questions to access their experiences, knowledge, skills and networks!
  • Discover why some kinds of mission could pose a threat to the communities you care about — and how to choose the right one for your business.
  • Know exactly what your niche is, and identify those people who you’re best equipped to help.
  • Attract customers by communicating a clear purpose that they can rally around.
  • Avoid going bankrupt working for a noble plan but not selling anything — or trying to serve everyone to your fullest potential and burning out or doing only a so-so job.
  • Make it easy for the right people to know that YOU are the best person to help them — so your business will become profitable and successful.

Module 2 - People

With your purpose and mission in place, you’re now in a new realm of clarity that empowers you to think about being your own boss in a completely new way. It’s time to create win-win relationships and get support for your enterprise. You’ll identify the skills and experience you already have and get the right people on the bus.

Because without a strong support network, you risk burning out while doing everything yourself.


  • Communicate your value to people in a way that builds long-term relationships.

  • Spot the early warning signs that you might be overlooking or even alienating your strongest allies.

Module 3 - Procedures

Once you’ve embedded your enterprise in a supportive community, you’ll create time to do what really matters for your enterprise.

This is where things are getting real: you’ll see your vision take shape as we turn your idea into a proper business. 

Because without procedures, it’s really just an expensive hobby… or you might lose sight of important things. 


  • Know which processes and systems you really need — and which ones you can ignore (for now).
  • Master the inevitable everyday chaos and be your most productive self.
  • Discover time-tested methods of withstanding overwhelm and staying focused.

Module 4 - Promotion

OK, time to promote your new social enterprise — strategically, authentically and effectively! You’ll communicate your purpose, values and vision to clients and partners and build personal relationships — just with words.

With your personal marketing plan, you won’t find yourself haphazardly following every marketing trend. No wasting time, energy and money on promotions that don’t work! Sleaze, dirty tricks or manipulation have no place in your plan either.


  • Discover the secret to communicating personally and humanly with flexibility, transparency, open-mindedness and honesty.
  • Concentrate on those marketing techniques that are actually worth your time.
  • Have fun promoting your business.

Module 5 - Profits

So, you’re successfully promoting your products and services and raking in the sales. In this module, we’ll lay the foundation for credit control and make sure you are always paid for your work — so you can turn your vision into income, scale up your business with profits, stop dreaming and start doing.

Because without clear systems of how you’ll invoice your customers, collect your money and manage your profits, you’ll lose so much sleep you’ll need 2 pots of eye cream every morning just to get your kids to recognise you at the breakfast table. 


  • Never have to worry about losing sleep (and possibly your business!) over unpaid invoices.
  • Learn how to chase payments with confidence and gentle tenacity (good news: you won’t have to do it very often with the procedures from module 3 & the invoicing systems from this module).

Module 6 - Progress

Congrats! You’re now at the helm of an expertly-designed social enterprise that’s bound to make a difference in the community and give you financial stability and the flexibility to care for your family.

Exciting? Sure!

Liberating? Absolutely!

Now it’s time to complete the programme with an actionable business plan that takes you way out into the future. You’ll use your new-found confidence to continue to grow in your business personally and professionally.

Together we’ll make sure you’re not getting stuck, not knowing what to do next once the programme ends.

If you’re serious about starting your own business this year, the business plan alone is worth well over $500.


  • Move your start-up forward and develop it into a long-term sustainable enterprise.
  • Identify the new mindsets you need to adopt at this stage to make sure you don’t slip into self-sabotage.
  • Craft a new personal and professional vision for yourself that will help you identify and pursue the most fun and impactful ways to use your newly available resources (time, money, energy, expertise).
  • Create a learning environment for you and your team.
  • Create a lifestyle for you and your family.



Plus: 1:1 Breakthrough Session (if you book before [date])


Let’s spend some extra time breaking through your individual challenges. In this 45-minute call, you can bring up anything that’s holding you back, and together we’ll move mountains to make your enterprise work.

 I’m here to help you get the most out of this programme. You’ll never find yourself in that lonely spot where everyone else seems to just ‘get it’, while you’re wondering for how much longer you’ll be able to keep it together. 


  • 45-minute ‘ask me anything’ Zoom call — yours to use at any point during or even after the programme.
  • Work through whatever obstacle lies in your path to being a successful social entrepreneur.


Plus: My Ebook, Walk With Me: Through Sixteen Inspirational Business & Life Tips

(Value $15.99)

Don’t lose momentum



When your energy level drops, this ebook will inspire you. I’ve drawn on my 30 years’ experience as a successful entrepreneur to fill it with valuable tips you’ll use in business and in life, over and over again.



I’m opening Kick Start Your Social Enterprise for you today at your special launch price of just…



Plus, you’ll be backed by…






The “I’ll Walk With You” Guarantee






I’m so passionate about helping new social enterprises like yours spring up and bloom, and I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to give a confident “yes”.


Enter the “I’ll Walk With You” Guarantee.




Take 30 Days to go through the first FOUR MODULES of Kick Start Your Social Enterprise.




If after attending all the live webinars, doing your individual homework and getting your questions answered on the live coaching calls, you still aren’t able to clearly explain the purpose of your enterprise and don’t feel confident about your business…




I’ll insist that you email Katy Farnell at with your completed homework, and I’ll walk with you through the steps you’re struggling with to blossom into the social entrepreneur you’re meant to be.




But before you’re ready take the leap, you may be asking yourself these questions


(which is good because it’s exactly THIS kind of mindset that’ll make you a successful entrepreneur)







1. I want to to do this, but I’m already spread wayyyy too thin. What if I start the programme and find that I can’t commit to it?




I hear you!


I’ve also woken up next to my phone on the sofa.


Skipped lunch.


And felt like adding “one more thing” to my to-do list would bring down the whole Jenga tower I had unintentionally stacked up for myself.


But here’s the thing…


This programme is all about creating a sustainable, flexible livelihood for you.


So, please, please please let me know if you’re struggling to commit.


We can then find a solution that works for you personally. I want you to be successful and will do everything in my power to help you achieve that. 




2. I’m not really sure about my mission yet. Is that a problem?




You’ve come to exactly the right place! You’ll love the first module, which is all about uncovering your passion and turning it into a powerful mission for your new social enterprise.










3. Is this programme just for businesses that work directly with people – such as coaches or carers?




I’ll help you start a business that gives back to society — in any sector. Whether you sell a product or a service, as long as you want to use a bigger portion of your income to help people or the planet, you’re welcome to join us!








4. How many participants are there?




I’m sure you’ve seen online group programmes with hundreds or even thousands of participants. While that may be great for some really extrovert people looking to add as many new names on their LinkedIn profile as quickly as possible, that’s not how we do things in this programme.


We’ll have a maximum of twelve participants in this programme, so that each of you can get my individual attention and assistance. It’s also a better experience for quieter and more introvert folks.


In my experience, being part of an intimate small group like this can be incredibly supportive and help motivate you to move forward with launching your social enterprise.








5. You say you’re a social entrepreneur. How does this programme give back to society?




25% of all proceeds from the programme go to Vana Trust, a registered charity that promotes empowerment through education — enriching the lives of children and young adults. Through encouragement, support and commitment to young people for over a decade, the Vana Trust inspires them and helps them overcome their difficulties, and enables them to give back to their own communities.






6. Is this programme something I can manage alongside a full-time job?




Yes, the programme is designed so you can put everything you learn into practice directly. That said, making your social enterprise a success will take dedicated time and commitment of at least 2-3 hours per week.




And that’s only an impossible contradiction if you let it be one.




If you know right now that “keep calm and carry on” is unsustainable and a short-cut to burnout, then I insist that you find a way to block off the time.




On my end, I PROMISE to spare you from any unnecessary theory.




Meaning, everything we cover will translate into a personal action plan for you to work through. And every hour you invest in following through on your actions will pay off for your new social enterprise.





7. Will I get access to the course content once the programme finishes?




Yes, I’ll share all my slides with you so you can keep coming back to them. I’ll also introduce you to other networks of like-minded people and invite you to relevant events (if you like) — so you can continue to make progress.






8. Can you remind me of what I’m getting today when I enroll today?




  • 6 modules via live webinars




  • Lifetime membership in our private Facebook group




  • Unlimited email support for six full weeks




  • Access to my diverse network






Plus the following bonuses:




  • 45-minute ‘ask me anything’ Transformation Session to work through your individual challenges




  • My Ebook, Walk With Me: Through Sixteen Inspirational Business & Life Tips (Value $15.99)






9. Why don’t you offer a money-back guarantee?






I’m here to help you kick start your social enterprise, no matter what. If you’re not feeling the benefits of this programme within 30 days, I don’t want to just throw your investment back at you and abandon you. If you RSVP “yes” to my invitation to walk with me, then I’m here to walk with you. No matter what. That’s why instead of a refund policy, I offer you all the support you need to achieve what we’ve set out to achieve for you.






There’s never been a better time to start something life changing — with SO LITTLE financial investment — than RIGHT NOW.




Still on the fence?



You’re ready to start your social enterprise if…



  1. You have an idea, and you’re wondering if it can be turned into a social enterprise. And you want to make sure you absolutely NAIL IT right out of the gates by using only the most powerful, easy-to-follow strategies. 
  2. You’re a heart-centred entrepreneur struggling to attract clients — and finally want to make your business sustainable once and for all. 
  3. You’re willing to put in at least 2 hours without any distractions per week… as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a strategic and meaningful step forward in setting up your very own successful social enterprise. 
  4. You’re already volunteering for a good cause at least a few times a month. This means you’re ALREADY investing time and energy into making the world a better place, and you know about many behind-the-scenes challenges that you’ll encounter (and overcome!) in your own business, too. 
  5. You’re excited about connecting with like-minded change makers and supporting each other as you start your businesses. You know… teaming up for partnerships, speaking engagements, podcast appearances, pre-selling your next product, etc. 


  6. You’re ready to take 30 days to give the Kick Start Your Social Enterprise programme a fair shot: I’m not looking for half-baked commitment, but as long as you’re willing to go “all in” for 4 weeks, I GUARANTEE that you’ll see your confidence soar, understand the purpose you should be working towards, and feel the “why didn’t I do this sooner” excitement that carries you right through to the end of the program.





If you said “yes” to at least 4 of the above 6 statements, then I can’t wait to meet you inside my programme!




Try on what it feels like to Kick Start Your Social Enterprise for 30 days




By now, you KNOW that you can make a living helping your community,

without the choking fear of

going alone into the big unknown.

All you need to do is Kick Start Your Social Enterprise.

So, as you’re still here, let’s have a quick look at the facts.

If you’re a successful-but-fed-up-with-it-all corporate employee who’s ready to sort out a social problem… you need to Kick Start Your Social Enterprise.


If you’re looking to start a small business so you have the flexibility to look after the people you care about... you need to Kick Start Your Social Enterprise.


If you work for a charity planning to turn your trading arm into a social enterprise… you need to Kick Start Your Social Enterprise.

If you’re interested in doing social good and toying with the idea of starting a charity… you need to join Kick Start Your Social Enterprise before you go ahead.

Try it for 30 days with my “I’ll Walk With You Guarantee”




Nyasha Gwatidzo

“I can’t wait to meet you on the programme!”


Nyasha Gwatidzo