With Nyasia's help you will be able to start a social enterprise.

The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship is on the rise and proving invaluable to society, consumers and entrepreneurs themselves. For start-up change-makers like yourself, it all starts with you seeing a social problem and through this awareness wanting to do something about it through enterprise

Who should Attend this Programme?

• Changemakers focusing on solving a social issue or problem
• Anyone with an idea and wondering if it can be turned into a social enterprise
• Corporate employees ready to sort out a social problem
• Anyone interested in doing social good

As a result of the mentoring programme you will:

  • have clearly defined Why?.. the purpose which is your driver.
  • know if  your Why? is big enough to justify starting your social enterprise
  • have a clear idea about who your customers are, the demand for your product/ services and will know how to create win-win relationships.
  • be clear what procedures and systems you need to put in place to manage and run your business.
  • be clear about your promotion strategy.
  • have clear systems of how to invoice your customers, collect your money and manage your profits.
  • be able to create a Business Plan and progress it.

The Kick Start Mentoring Programme will Cover:

Purpose – We will look at your purpose and show you how to align it to make it into a profitable business.

People  – As with any business start-up, you need to identify the people in your team, your customers and your suppliers. Who are these people? From there you need to identify the skills and experience of the people that you need in your team. With your customers and suppliers, the session will show you how to create win-win relationships and to nurture those relationships.

Procedures – In Week 3 we will look at the procedures and systems you will need to turn your idea or awareness into a social enterprise.

Promotion – Like any other business you need to tell people you are open for business by promoting your services/products. In this session we will look at how important it is to communicate your purpose in your promotional material as well as your values and vision.

Profits – As we come to the end of the programme we look at profits. Having systems in place for credit control. Don’t forget you still need to get paid for your work.

Progress – Finally, in the last week we will look at progressing the idea into a start-up as well as developing it into a sustainable enterprise

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As of now, there are no planned dates for the next group Mentoring Programme.

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Kick start your social enterprise mentoring programme - June 2017

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I feel so fortunate to have known Nyasha as she mentored from the startup of my social enterprise. She has challenged me and inspired me to dream big and to live my life with no limits, through her Kick Start Programme. She has the ability to ask the most critical and important questions, that helped me gain clarity and find solutions to my business goals. As a mentor she has demonstrated that we should never put limits on ourselves of find excuses not to do the things that are important to us.

Yvonne Marimo


You will See, Feel and Act when you start a social enterprise.

What Qualifies Me to Mentor You?

I started my social entrepreneurial journey with a £800 redundancy package and an abundant passion for children.  That was 25 years ago.  I now run a successful, independent fostering agency and have won and been a finalist of many business awards, varying from social enterprise of the year to businesswoman of the year.  Along the way, I have made mistakes and learnt from them.  I want to share my journey to make your first steps to a social enterprise a success.