If you are one of the members of my Facebook group, you will know that I have posted daily challenges that will help you fall in love with your business again. I have also written a blog post about the ‘5 things you can do now to fall in love with your business’.

The whole point of the challenges is to motivate you again. I also wanted to encourage you, so that you can find what inspired you to set up your business or social enterprise in the first place. I could not expect anyone to undertake these challenges without participating in them myself though. Each day I participated in each challenge, so I can fall in love with my social enterprise again.

During this process, I highlighted 3 key areas which were influenced the most by these challenges. Below are the main 3 benefits which occurred when I fell in love with my business all over again. Hopefully, you will be influenced by the challenges and have all 3, if not more, benefits.



By taking part in this 5-day challenge I felt energized. I reignited my passion for my business as I was doing things, thanks to the challenge, that I would not necessarily do day-to-day. This push to fall in love with my business again made me see the little things that I have been missing.



One of the five challenges was to contact past clients. It was refreshing to hear their thoughts on my enterprise. They also reminded me why I started my enterprise in the first place. Something as simple as getting in contact with past clients can refresh the view you have on your own enterprise.



When your business or social enterprise plateau it can be from a number of different reasons. You might be putting time and effort into your enterprise, without seeing immediate results. The number of clients you have could be on the low side, or maybe you are having slight cash flow problems.

When I was participating in the 5-day challenge I found that each of the challenges slowly began to motivate me. I was feeling driven, and ready to take on each day knowing that a new challenge waited. Now that the 5-day challenge is over I am still feeling motivated as it was the push I needed.

Hopefully, the 5-day challenge will be the push you need as well and you can experience all these benefits.


What can you do now?

You can book a FREE, non-committal, breakthrough call with me or a member of my dedicated team today here, and we can work on moving you and your enterprise forward. On our 45 minute call, we can discuss problems you might be having. We can also discuss how I think you should move forward.

Another option is for you to join my Walk with me – Social Entrepreneurs’ support network. There you can share what your Social Enterprise does. You can also read what likeminded entrepreneurs have to say and read the latest tips, advice and challenges I post.


Until next time, even a single step is a step in the right direction.