Are you a changemaker?

Before we move into the main blog post, I thought I would address what a changemaker actually is first. The organisation Ashoka were said to have coined this term and has been used to describe someone who is seeking to change the world. This term is commonly used to describe someone who runs or works within a Social Enterprise, as we are all seeking to change the world one step at a time.

Now I want to discuss three common challenges we all as changemakers will face at some point in our journey.



Time management always seems to be a topic which is constantly brought to my attention either by my clients or people in general. I am usually faced with the question ‘how do you manage your time? With so much to do, and so little time it is no wonder that this can cause problems.

You have to prioritise your goals. Delegating tasks is also a form of time management. By getting a task completed by someone else, frees up your time for tasks only you can accomplish.



The next challenge, I believe, that all changemakers face is the issue of funding. I have previously addressed ‘Funding for your Social Enterprise’ in a previous blog post, which discusses how you can raise it, where it comes from and when you need it. I want to reiterate how this is a common issue that all changemakers face at some point in their journey.

During my journey, I have found that many changemakers set up their Social Enterprise not knowing where to obtain funding. This can create tension within the Enterprise, as it will never be able to grow without funding. This will simply mean your enterprise remains at an impasse. You also can’t rely on a donor or a grant to start your Enterprise. You need to seek funding for yourself whether that be through products or services, or other methods mentioned in my previous blog post.


Investing in yourself

With an entire industry based around coaches that aim to support and encourage you, it is no surprise that investing in yourself is an important factor when it comes to being a changemaker. As changemakers, we can sometimes forget to invest time and effort in ourselves. We might feel as though it would be taking something away from the Social Enterprise. Investing in yourself could benefit your Enterprise in the long term though.


‘A problem shared, is a problem halved’ – a common phrase that I completely agree with.

Do these three challenges resonate with you?

Have you faced any of these challenges?

I would love to hear your opinions below.