As a Social Entrepreneur, I seem to always be attending networking events. I like the idea of sharing the knowledge I have gained from my 30+ years in this industry, as well as hearing from other people. At these events, however, I find myself being asked the same question ‘how can I make a bigger social impact in my business?’

You might be trying to tackle the same question yourself, I have had to tackle this question in the past as well, so there is a solution. So here are the 3 ingredients you need to establish in order to make a BIGGER social impact, which I have learnt during my 30+ year journey.



In order to make a bigger social impact, you and your team need to have clarity on your purpose. You need to know the ins and outs of your overall purpose like the back of your hand. You need to define certain elements, such as:

  • What is your purpose?
  • Why are you doing this?

You will not go very far if you do not know your overall purpose. Your purpose will drive you, motivate you and ultimately keep you on the path to success.



This ingredient revolves around your own individual energy that you are prepared to invest in your enterprise. When you run a social enterprise you will face challenges along your journey, these challenges will test you and you will need to overcome them in order to make your enterprise a success. When you face these obstacles you need to have the determination to find a solution and move forward, otherwise, your Social Enterprise will remain at that obstacle.

You really need to have a strategy in place that addresses how you will overcome certain obstacles. When you face these challenges a strategy will help you push forward, a good support network will also help you continue in your journey. I have previously discussed why having a support network is important during your Social Enterprise journey, which you can find here.



The final ingredient does sound strange, but it is a vital part of your Social Enterprise. The whole motivation behind a Social Enterprise is to make a bigger social impact, so it stands to reason that you should remain close to your cause.

Remembering to have fun, without getting too worked up in your endeavour is a key aspect of this point. Yes, your overall goal is to make a difference, but becoming too stressed will not achieve this. Remembering the human side of the business will keep you grounded and will help you remember your overall goal.

Stay connected and remember your overall objective.

Until next time, reach out to me if you need help on your Social Enterprise or join my Facebook community to surround yourself with like-minded people.