If you have read any of my other blogs or encountered me in person you might know that I had very little support when I first started out on my journey. Over the years I have met likeminded people who I could lean on, who in turn leaned on me, but at the start, it was a very lonely path.

Some entrepreneurs, when they start their own journey want to persevere by themselves, feeling that they need to do this alone in order to succeed. This really isn’t the case, and today I want to discuss three reasons why you need support as a social entrepreneur.


Isolated journey

It can be lonely at the top. When you start your enterprise, you might find it hard to talk to your family and friends about the issues you are having. Granted, they will listen but when it comes to solving the issues, this might be their downfall. This leaves all the problems of your enterprise on your shoulders.

If you have support from the right place, they can share this burden and offer constructive advice. For example, I not only help you build your social enterprise, but I can also be there as a sounding board, and together we can help you grow both as a social entrepreneur and as a person. Having someone like me, with 30+ years of experience, by your side will give you the confidence to explore and better understand your path.

I know what it is like to be at the beginning of your dream, and there is no one beside you to travel the path. With resources and people out there, you never have to travel your journey alone.



I will not sit here and say that creating a Social Enterprise is easy, because it’s not. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a successful enterprise. Even during the hard times though, you need to have someone by your side who is motivating you and pushing you to move forward on your journey.

Of course, you should be your own driving force who motivates you, but having someone on hand who can help you during the bad times is a must. Personally, having someone by your side who understands the challenges you are facing can make you feel less insane. You don’t feel isolated, you have this person/people who understand what you are going through.



As an entrepreneur, you really need time to reflect on what is going on in your enterprise and how you are looking after yourself. Having the support to just having the time to do this, is important.


Final points 

Ultimately, having a strong support network around you, with people that understand your struggle and the challenges you face can help ease the burden that rests on your shoulders. At the end of the day, we are all trying to make a social impact and that can be hard at times. Having someone by your side, motivating you and just being there to bounce ideas off of can keep you going.

I hope you have a strong support network supporting you. If you don’t or if you are just starting out and don’t know who to turn to, feel free to contact me. I was in your position once, I was alone on my journey, and I don’t want you walking your journey alone.

Next week’s blog post will be discussing where you can get support from if you don’t feel comfortable contacting me, or you feel as though your enterprise needs something else.


Until next time, find your support network and together we can make a bigger social impact.