With it still being January I wanted to continue on from my ‘Why New Year’s Resolutions never work’ blog, as well as the ‘why you should set goals’ blog. Today’s blog post will discuss three of my own personal tips on how to set winning goals for 2019.

I call them my why’s, whose and what’s.

Personally, when I set my own goals I like to ask myself one simple question before I start.



Why do you want to set this particular goal? What is the driving force behind this goal? I like to use the example of losing weight, which I have used before, as so many people choose to join a gym in the New Year. Gyms are typically packed with people wanting to make a change, especially after one too many mince pies during the holidays, myself included. Wanting to become healthier is amazing, but redundant if you don’t have your own ‘why’.

It is, however, a go-to resolution to make. You might not have thought it through completely. You have to think of your own ‘why’. Does your why come from within, or is it due to external sources, such as family pressure. Maybe you want to fit into that dress or suit that has been tucked away in your wardrobe for a while. You have to truly think why you want to accomplish this goal.

A winning goal can be accomplished by understanding why you want to do it. If you are not clear on why you want to accomplish this goal, you can lose motivation for it and ultimately give up. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ turns into ‘I can restart next month’.



After you have addressed why, you need to address the what. This is related to the why, but you should address what is really behind the goal. What are the drivers? What are the motivators? When you consider this, you need to think about how measurable your goal is. Can it be measured?

The third and final tip is…


The big WHO

You might be thinking, ‘who else could be involved in this goal besides me?’ ‘It’s my goal, so why should I consider anybody else?’ Sometimes we can be influenced by other people. So who are your influencers? Who are the people that are driving you to accomplish this goal?




You need to be clear about who is influencing you. You also need to consider who will support you, who will be on the sidelines pushing you along? This would involve telling this person or people about your goal.

The goal has got to come from within, but you still need to be aware of the external factors.

Share in the comment section what your goal is as well as your why, who and what. You can also join the discussion on Facebook, or contact me directly.

Until then, good luck with your goal!