Hello everyone,

If you are one of the members of my Facebook group, you will know that last week I posted daily challenges that will help you fall in love with your business again. I know more than most how hard it is to run a social enterprise, the long hours, all the work that goes in without seeing a result immediately and all the mundane tasks that seem to conquer our schedules.

With all this going on, you can become stagnant. That is why I wanted to run a 5-day challenge, to help people like you fall in love with your business all over again! You can head over to my Facebook group to see the challenges there, and you can share progress and results with me, or you can read on to see what the challenges were.


Challenge one

Each challenge will prompt you to look at an area of your business. When you complete each challenge, hopefully, you will have reignited the spark which motivated you in the first place.

The first challenge is to realign your purpose. During our journey, we can sway from our path, and this can cause us to be demotivated. So I want you to take a moment to remember what your BIG WHY is.

Your purpose could have changed since you first began, but it is important to know what your big purpose is now. You might find that you have completed swayed from your purpose, and you are now heading in the wrong direction.

So ask yourself, why did you set up your business in the first place?


Challenge Two

Past clients and current clients have a lot of knowledge to share and can give insight into why they chose you in the first place. You might find that the reason why past clients chose you has changed in comparison to the reason why current customers choose you.

I challenge you to reconnect with a customer.

Personally, my clients remind me why I set up my business in the first place. They appreciate what I offer, and they can provide me with feedback about what they currently need, and how I can help them.

Create time to see your customers. Make a call, reach out to them, have an informal meeting over coffee. They can provide you with a vast amount of insight that can inspire you.


Challenge Three

Remember what inspired you. Look at what inspired you to start your business in the first place. What or who motivates you to persevere in your journey?

Remembering what actually inspired you to start your business or social enterprise in the first place can help you feel more motivated.


Challenge Four

Money matters, even in a social enterprise.

Take a look at your packages, or what services you are offering. Question your relationship with money.

  • Are you collecting what you are owed?
  • Should you repackage your offers?
  • Should you increase your prices?

The perfect price is what you are happy to work for. You can become demotivated if you are working at a price you are not happy with.


Challenge Five

Do have a strong support network?

A support network contains people who will motivate you, and they will be your sounding board for any ideas you may have.

Family and friends will provide moral support, while mentors and coaches can offer practical advice and solutions that can help solve the problems you are facing.

You should build a strong support network or share who is already in your support network.

If you want to reignite your love for your own business, join the group and partake in each of the five daily challenges.


What can you do now?

You can book a FREE, non-committal, breakthrough call with me or a member of my dedicated team today here, and we can work on moving you and your enterprise forward. On our 45 minute call, we can discuss problems you might be having. We can also discuss how I think you should move forward.

Another option is for you to join my Walk with me – Social Entrepreneurs’ support network. There you can share what your Social Enterprise does read what likeminded entrepreneurs have to say and see the latest tips, advice and challenges I post.


Until next time, even a single step is a step in the right direction.