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“Walk With Me: Through Sixteen Inspirational Business and Life Tips”

Do you have great ideas and dream big, but are so overwhelmed that you procrastinate and never action them? What’s stopping you from taking those first crucial steps to start your own business, or whatever else it is that you’ve always dreamed of doing?




Walk with Me, my book about my 16 day stroll along the Thames Path, reveals what you need to think about in order to take get started. I’d love you to join me whilst I retrace my walk, helping you question and understand your passion and life’s purpose, as well as how to go about implementing your ideas through my sixteen inspiring business and life tips. Starting at the river source and ending in London, this walk meant so much to me: it was an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and celebrate the successes of my own journey as a social entrepreneur.




All proceeds from the sale of my book will be donated towards supporting The Vana Trust.




I’m a great believer in everyone having the ability to reach for the stars and make their dreams a reality.  Indeed, as Luc De Clapiers once said, “Action makes more fortune than caution.” My common sense tips have been used by ordinary people, as well as prominent business leaders worldwide. They have also been used by the many people who have attended my workshops, presentations, mentoring sessions and seminars.  How are you going to use them?

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Walk With Me is a tonic with three vital ingredients: revelation, inspiration and motivation. Since life is an endurance event, not a sprint, what Nyasha learned on her epic Thames walk are lessons that we can – and should – all apply in our lives. The book also reveals great leadership insights.

Along the journey, we get a glimpse into the traits and attitudes that have brought Nyasha success as an entrepreneur, as well as won her so many friends and admirers. Whatever your personal aspirations or professional goals, Walk With Me is a moving guidebook for turning those dreams into reality.


II would be honoured to walk with you on your journey too, supporting you to realise your purpose and vision and make your dreams into a reality.  ‘How can I do this?’ I hear you ponder…

The good news is that I have three bespoke Coaching Programmes that are a perfect fit for the level of input that you’re looking for, coupled with wherever you are on your social enterprise journey.

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Here are some pictures from my Walk along the Thames path, enjoy!