How to Book Your Transformation Call

Welcome! Thanks for taking this AMAZING step towards your passion being transformed into a successful social enterprise.

So, a great way for me to help you is for us to have a 1-2-1 breakthrough call. This means we dedicate some time to exploring how I can best support you to realise your dreams.

Here’s what to do next . . .

Step one: Choose your time zone, then select the best appointment, date and time slot from the menu below. Please could you then answer some quick questions, so that I have some background info to hand for when we touch base with one another.

Step two: Just wait for me to call you at the scheduled time (please make sure you’ve provided the best phone number for me to contact you on).

You’ll be emailed a calendar reminder of the appointment slot.

I’m looking forward to chatting to you soon and helping you take a big step forward.

In the meantime, warm wishes,