Hello again,

As some of you know, I launched my first social enterprise 30+ years ago. I have been on this uphill journey to grow my enterprise. At times I have that myself and my enterprise has plateaued. I have felt isolated and lonely, unable to move my enterprise to the next level. Luckily, in my incredible 30+ years, I have been able to learn and grow. Now I can reignite the love for my enterprise by remembering three key areas.

I am carrying on from last week’s blog post, ‘three tips on how to fall in love with your business again’, so if you have not read that I do encourage you to do so now.


Why aren’t you in love?

When you run a social enterprise or a mainstream business for that matter, you might start to lose heart when you put so much time, hard work and energy into something, only to see little or no results.

Maybe you have become weighed down from the mundane tasks, or you have lost sight of the overall objective of your enterprise. Instead of sitting here and telling you that you are not in love with your enterprise. I want to tell you how you can fall in love with your enterprise again.

If you feel as though your enterprise has plateaued, or that you are stuck and unable to move forward, then I encourage you to read this blog post that could move your enterprise forward.



As social entrepreneurs, we might find that we are pulled in so many directions. You need to attend this meeting, and then have this phone call, and then you have to meet with this client. It can become so mechanical that you forget what inspired you to start your social enterprise in the first place.

Take a moment and even a sticky note and write down what inspired you to start your social enterprise.

  • What made you set up your business in the first place?
  • Define your BIG WHY?
  • Who or what inspired you?
  • Can you get that form of inspiration back?

Remembering what inspired you is a quick way to understand why you fell in love with your business to begin with.



This next step is something that always works well for me, reconnecting with old customers. You might have lost contact with them for one reason or another, so just reconnecting with them can inspire and motivate you in your business again.

At one point these customers took a risk by choosing you, but they were inspired and chose to work with you. They said yes to you. By understanding what it was about you, that inspired them can reignite your energy and will contribute to remembering why you fell in love with your business, to begin with.


Seek support

Sometimes you can be so stuck in your business that you might not be able to see the wood for the trees. You are so involved in the details of a project that you might not be paying attention to other, more important parts.

In times like this, it is a good idea to have a strong support network in place, a network of people who will be there for you to bounce ideas off of, share their knowledge and experience and ultimately motivate you when you need a bit of encouragement.

I have previously written a blog post that discusses ‘where do you as a change maker get support?’. This is a good post to read if you are unsure about where you should be looking to get support.


What can you do now?

You can book a FREE, non-committal, breakthrough call with me or a member of my dedicated team today here, and we can work on moving you and your enterprise forward. On our 45 minute call, we can discuss problems you might be having. We can also discuss how I think you should move forward.

Another option is for you to join my Walk with me – Social Entrepreneurs’ support network. From the 1st – 5th of April 2019, I will be running a five-day challenge. This challenge will help you fall in love with your business all over again. If you want to reignite your love for your own business, join the group and partake in the five challenges. You can fall in love with your business again.


Until next time, even a single step is a step in the right direction.