Mentor social entreprenuers

Fast Track Social Enterprise Blueprint Mentoring Programme

This group programme is ideal for social entrepreneurs who have expertise in a particular area that they would like to leverage and develop into an online Course/ membership site. This group programme teaches social entrepreneurs currently trading their services locally, how to launch their online course and start trading online, marketing and selling their online course to international customers.

The advantages to social entrepreneurs of launching an online course are that it can quickly help them establish their reputation and create brand awareness amongst their ideal clients / customers. It also offers the opportunity for businesses who have previously been offering their expertise locally to reach an international audience and export their services. Having an international audience for a business owner’s Online Course can frequently lead to “upsells” of other products and services the business owner has, thus increasing the turnover and potential profits of their entire business.

This course aims to support each of the 8 participants (maximum number) on this programme with all the aspects involved in launching their Online Course and being ready to take advantage of potential Upsells to other products and services the business owner has.

The full programme provides participants with training and support with developing, marketing and selling the online course online, as well as providing a fully functioning e-­commerce membership site and covering graphic design for marketing materials that participant needs to market their online course.

Anyone having the following growing pains:

  • Maybe you are distracted from your purpose
  • Perhaps you are asking yourself: How to make my social enterprise profitable
  • Possibly you have Cash flow problems
  • Maybe you lack customers
  • Perhaps you lack tenders or do not even know where these tenders are
  • Maybe you have no systems in place
  • Perhaps you are looking for the right team
  • Possibly you have no support
  • Maybe you are having problems staying motivated

Outcomes from attending the course

This twelve-week group programme will hold your hand through the process of launching your online course / membership site.

By completing all the steps in this programme you will have:

  • Your purpose clearly defined
  • Have the right people on the bus and created a system for ‘Win, Win, Win’ Relationships
  • Have your inner support circles. Such as mentors etc
  • Created your procedures and systems in have them in place
  • Created a promotion strategy and have it in place
  • Created and have in place a credit control system and have a growth plan to reinvest your profits
  • Have a growth plan in place and create a development plan

You will get an overview of how to:

  • Live your dreams
  • Realise your dreams
  • A clear view of your purpose – it’s the driver in all you do
  • A clear formula of how to create ‘win, win, win’ sustainable relationships with stakeholders
  • Why you need clear structure and systems in place to enable you to grow your business
  • Why you need a support system in place to support you now and in the future
  • To be able to identify tenders, where to get them and how to compete for business through tenders
  • Why you need to continue to develop as a business owner
  • Why you need to manage are your cash flows so that you can grow your business
  • Have comfort from having a strategy to grow your business
  • Learn how to focus all you do in your social business
  • Learn how to have the right people on the bus and create ‘Win, Win, Win’ Relationships
  • Learn how to find mentors and supporters
  • Implement a clear sales funnel that takes your ideal clients from finding out about your online course through to purchasing your online course / membership.
  • Host your first live free webinar
  • Pre-­sell your online course to your growing email list
  • Learn how to sell your online course / membership from live webinars
  • Launch your Online Course

How is this programme delivered?

  • Through taught modules delivered weekly.
  • Weekly group coaching calls where you can ask any questions you have about implementing the actions from the taught modules and receive support.
  • Support via a dedicated private support group where you can post questions at any time during the three months and receive support as well as connect with other participants.
  • “Get ready to launch” in person training day with your group participants focused on helping you get your online course / membership site ready for launch.

What are the taught modules in this programme?

  • Module 1: Introduction & Purpose
  • Module 2: People: The Real Win-Win-Win. P.L.E.D.G.E
  • Module 3: People: The Inner Circle Support System
  • Module 4: Promote: The Working L.A.W.S
  • Module 5: Promote: The Working L.A.W.S
  • Module 6: Profits: The Successful S.E.A.R.C.H System
  • Module 7: Progress: The Future Growth F.R.A.M.E

Schedule a Free Strategy Call to discuss whether the Social Enterprise Growth Programme is right for you.

For more information please contact:
Nyasha Gwatidzo

Additional Resources:

  • Ebook Training Video (if required)
  • Email List Building Training Video (if required)
  • Get Launched One Day In-­Person Training

Programme Graduates:

Since this programme started in June 2015, we have helped 15 social entrepreneurs / social entrepreneurs to grow their business.  Some of the social entrepreneur’s businesses that have started trading as a result of having completed this programme.

Have a few questions you still need to be answered?

  • Is this group programme for me?

The online course/membership site programme is for any business owner who has expertise in their particular field that they would like to leverage into an online course / membership site.

  • I’d like to create a passive income, will this group programme help me with this?

Yes, absolutely, having an online course / membership site is a fantastic way to create a passive income. If you would like to you can work less face to face with clients and enjoy more free time for other pursuits.

  • How will having an online course / membership site benefit me?

Launching an online course / membership site can be life changing, that is my own experience. The reason is that it can help you to get your work known by an international audience. This can lead to increased demand for other products and services you offer.

  • Does this group programme include the website?

There are two options to join this course. You can choose the option to just have the course, training, and support or you can choose to have the course, training, support and have us set up your online course / membership site for you to a set specification and standard (please enquire for the cost of each option).

For more details on the website specification and our terms and conditions governing set up of the online course/membership site website, please contact us on

  • How long is this group programme and how many participants are there?

This group programme runs for twelve weeks. There is a maximum of eight participants in this group programme so that each participant gets individual attention and assistance. In our experience, being part of an intimate small group like this can be incredibly supportive and help motivate you to move forward with launching your online course / membership site.

  • When does this group programme start?

Please get in touch to find out the next start date for the group programme.

Schedule a Free Strategy Call to discuss whether the Social Enterprise Growth Programme is right for you.

For more information please contact:
Nyasha Gwatidzo