Which sector is best suited to set up a social enterprise? A common question I often find people asking me, but a good question that I feel needs to be addressed. I started my social enterprise journey over 30 years ago, and during that journey, I have seen many Social Enterprises set up in different sectors. While these three sectors are the main ones I would recommend that you set up in, there are others you can set up in. All that matters is that you are passionate about what you are doing and that your enterprise helps someone.


Social Welfare

The first of my three picks is the Social Welfare sector. The social welfare sector involves helping or assisting individuals or families who are less fortunate in some way. This sector can encompass the following areas:

  • Childcare
  • Mental Health Care
  • Rehabilitation

These three elements, plus more, are elements of what I class the social welfare sector as.


Environmental Sector

The environmental sector has expanded in recent years as more and more people have started to realise the importance of the world we live on. Not only that, but more awareness about environmental issues has brought about an increase in investment. More workplaces have put environmental concerns at the forefront of their planning, and the media has planned a huge part in educating the general public about environmental concerns.

All these changes have led to the growth of the environmental sector, which means that there is an opportunity for you to set up a social enterprise that revolves around the environment. From recycling to picking up plastic off beaches and even removing plastic from oceans are all elements of the environmental sector.

Alone each element might seem like a drop of water, but together we can create a vast ocean.


Economic Development

Economic development involves empowering people to develop themselves economically by moving away from the charity module. This sector moves into developing people so they can stand on their own two feet through an enterprise.

While they’re only three sectors mentioned in this post, there still are a lot of sectors out there that you could think about. It entirely depends on what you feel passionate about.


How will you make a difference today, to change the world tomorrow?


Next week’s blog will highlight the difference between Social Enterprise and a Charity if this interests you feel free to join my Facebook community to know when it is published. Until then, share your thoughts in the comments and share which sector you plan to or have set up in. Until then why not read up on the three main benefits of a Social Enterprise over a mainstream business?