Hello, my fellow entrepreneurs!

It has been a while since I have written a blog post, but I am back, and this time I am sharing three tips on how to fall in love with your business again. We all have had, or will have moments where we are feeling stagnant in your business. When the mundane tasks seem to take over, and when your motivation is running on empty, I can help you fall in love with your business again.

If you are still powering through with all the motivation in the world, this blog post might not be for you, but feel free to leave your own tips below.

For the remaining readers who feel like they are stuck, and who can’t seem to take their business to the next level, I have three useful tips for you. These three tips are what I use myself when I feel stagnant in my business.


Remember your reason why

When you feel like your business has plateaued, it is important to remember the main reason why you set up your business in the first place. What are your goals? What motivated you to start? Why are you doing this? What is your purpose?

If you can answer these questions, then you can use them to motivate you. Sometimes, during all the mundane and daily tasks you might forget the bigger picture, why you are doing all of this. It is important to take time out to remember what the bigger picture actually is. Sometimes your values or your purpose can change, so it is important to realign yourself with your overall goal. This can also spark new ideas or a new sense of purpose that can drive you, and help you fall in love with your business again.


Relationships with customers

When was the last time you had a conversation with a customer? Talking to your customers allows you to see the business through their eyes, in a new light so to speak. You can reconnect with your customers if you have a valid reason to call.

It is a good idea to go back to your original customers and find out the reason why they chose your business. Maybe the reason they chose you is different from why current customers do? Is this different positive or negative? Does this mean your business has swayed from its original path?


Find support

My final tip, especially if you are really struggling, is to find a strong support network. My previous blog post on ‘why you need support as a social entrepreneur’ discusses the main reasons why you need support. Ultimately, you a support network, can motivate you and encourage you to move forward. A coach, for example, can be a sounding board for all your ideas, problems and advice. They can offer you constructive advice on how you should move forward in your business. Support networks can also push you in the right direction.

Even family and friends can motivate you as they can provide support, and help you fall in love with your business again.


What can you do now?

You can book a FREE, non-committal, breakthrough call with me or a member of my dedicated team today here, and we can work on moving you and your enterprise forward. On our 45 minute call, we can discuss problems you might be having. We can also discuss how I think you should move forward.

Another option is for you to join my Walk with me – Social Entrepreneurs’ support group. In my group, you can share problems or success stories and hear back from likeminded people. We also have a few challenges in the pipeline for you to join in with.

Until next time, even a single step is a step in the right direction.