The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship is on the rise and proving invaluable to society, consumers and entrepreneurs themselves. For start-up change-makers like you, it all starts with you seeing a social problem and through this awareness wanting to do something about it through enterprise.

Every change-maker has a reason for starting a social enterprise. During my 33+ year’s journey, I have heard many different reasons why people start a social enterprise. I could talk about the many reasons for hours, but today I will focus on four areas.


Social Impact

Typically, the main aim of a social enterprise is to achieve social impact through business. Many change-makers set up a social enterprise to improve the well-being of a particular community. The best part about a social enterprise is that there are many areas where you can have a social impact. For example, education, the environment, health services, youth development and even the arts are just a few areas.

Your involvement can benefit each of these areas, and some areas even help to transform lives, which brings me to the next reason why you should start a social enterprise.


Transforming lives’

Social enterprises can focus on people, planet or profit. Each one can transform one or more lives. Your social enterprise first and foremost could provide jobs to local communities; help future generations have clean air and water or provide food to those in need. Whatever your purpose, you are helping to transform someone’s life.

You are helping to resolve a social issue, one step at a time. Every step, no matter how small, is still a step in the right direction that helps our planet in the end.



Contrary to popular belief, you can make money when you run a social enterprise. Charities are the ones that require funding to run, whereas a social enterprise is able to provide products or services in order to make a profit.

Many social enterprises reinvest this profit into the enterprise to help their cause. Personally, I strongly believe that you need money to run and grow your social enterprise, after all the more money you make; the chance of a bigger social impact is higher.


Your purpose

The main reason why I believe that people should set up a social enterprise is because of how rewarding it is. Small steps, turn into bigger ones and those steps can turn into a social impact. You have the ability to change lives, affect the planet and even make a difference. No matter how small, or how big, a social enterprise can affect lives for the best. I love what I do, and even though I am 33+ years into my journey, I still love seeing how my social enterprise helps people.

Plus, when you are passionate about your purpose and aligned with your BIG WHY, you will have a sense of fulfilment and motivation that you might not find in another job.


What can you do now?

You can book a FREE, non-committal, breakthrough call with me or a member of my dedicated team today here, and we can work on moving you and your enterprise forward. I can even provide advice to you if you want to set up your own social enterprise. On our 45 minute call, we can discuss problems you might be having. We can also discuss how I think you should move forward.

Another option is for you to join my Walk with me – Social Entrepreneurs’ support network. There you can share what your Social Enterprise does read what likeminded entrepreneurs have to say and see the latest tips, advice and challenges I post.

Until next time, even a single step is a step in the right direction.


Will you start your own social enterprise?